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        Shanghai Maney Medical Technology Co.,Ltd., is a joint venture company of worldwide famous GEA Group. Based on the group’s rich worldwide purchasing experience for more than ten years and excellent supply chain, Maney has become strategic supplier and partner with tens of famous worldwide medical companies. Currently, we are developing into a leading one-stop medical equipment supplier.
        Maney’s products include: Medical disposable products, Laboratory products, Surgical&Nursing, Biomedical Polymer and etc, meanwhile we keep optimizing our product line. Since establishment, we have introduced ISO2003:13485 quality management system. Now we set up complete and efficient management of supplier chain, sales & after, QC to provide best products and service for our valued clients.
        A622-A625,180 South Changjiang Road,Baoshan - SHANGHAI
        +86-21-36512583 +86-21-36512521 amy@maneycn.com
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